Since 1990's Dinakord Elektronik has been the distributor of the World Wide distinguished brands such as Mackie, Kling & Freitag, Yamaha, Nexo, Rcf, Bosch, SSP Audio, Atlantik, Shure, Pioneer, Gestton, Karsect, Tenlux & Superlux, König&Meyer, Guil, Audiocenter, Tonylee, CMX, Ces Audio, D.A.S., Proel, SSP Pro Lighting, SSP Deron Lighting, Visual Productions, E-Cue, Traxon, WiDmx, Osram, Philips, General Electric, Sylvania, Yodn, Lee Filters, SONY, Shneider Optics, Kvant, Penn-Fabrıcation, Atlantik Flight Case, SSP Accessories, Losen, Neutrik in Turkey and added imports or undertaken the wholesales sales of some of these brands to its working channel. Our goal is to bring customer satisfaction to the highest level with our wide product range.